Equip your sales channel with product knowledge so these brand ambassadors can be your competitive
                advantage. Equip your sales channel with product knowledge so these brand ambassadors can be your competitive

Make knowledge sharing your
competitive advantage.

Train your sales team with product knowledge and turn your
partners into brand ambassadors.

More Content, More Sales, More Customers!

Watch this launch video we produced for Kelley Blue Book's auto sales training program. Featuring custom learning video driven programs
created by upperdiamond.com. Both platform and video-based learning
program won Brandon Hall Group Awards.

Get content in front of the people who matter most to your business.
By upping product knowledge throughout your sales channel you get better
prospect referrals and happier salespeople.

Multi-Tiered Groups and Admin Levels

Groups and Admin

Create any admin hierarchy that includes your team and extended enterprise partners to manage your learning population. It’s the perfect balance of efficiency and security

Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards

We crunch the numbers behind-the-screen, providing you with an enterprise lms - for sales / operations / marketing, not HR - that includes tailored real-time analytics, rich data visualizations and custom reporting - for actionable intelligence at your fingertips.

Train At Scale

Train At Scale

Our pricing is transparent, straight forward, and easy to plan around. Our model is designed so we can scale with you as you grow.

Brand Recognition Through Your University

Brand Recognition Through Your University

Make your training standout by providing your departments, channel partners and vendors complete control of their own franchise LMS branding.

People Sell What They Know:

Who is training your customers? Your channel partners? Your prospects?

Corporate LMSs are notoriously clunky and bloated with features you don’t use... but you are charged for. We’ve simplified the experience into one configurable custom branded platform. Designed for flexible delivery and ease of use, so you can start to train your sales team and channel partners immediately.

Take Control of your Message

Take Control of your Message

It’s a sales channel after all –
a training hub should look like it's part of your organization.
Let us match the look and feel of your
brand, starting with the most
recognizable features, boosting your channel marketing and creating a seamless experience for your audience.

Full-Service University Management

Recognize the value of an LMS e-learning
focused sales channel but don’t have the
manpower to manage it?
We can handle all aspects of managing
and maintaining your University from
customer service to content creation.

Full-Service University Management
Create Content with Impact

Create Content with Impact

Need content that’s impactful and
changes behavior? We’re award
winning content creators who
specialize in mission critical training
with experience delivering over every
channel. Visit UpperDiamond.com
to learn more.

Success is a Click Away

We can get you started training your sales team no matter how diverse your customer base.

Success is a Click Away

When should you build Custom Programs? When you have to get it right!

Check out these award-winning programs:


Salesforce Case Study

Helping one manager be better than two

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Case Study

Custom eLearning to improve patient care

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