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Case Study

Instant Cash Offer Training Program

The Challenge

Kelley Blue Book needed to update and deliver their Instant Cash Offer (ICO) online product as learning-as-marketing for their auto dealer franchises, as internal data had identified dealerships weren’t utilizing the product appropriately.

Strategy + Research + Implementation

With our broad background in Automotive and Custom Learning Solutions our solution involved a sleek UI interface and UX, with just enough reporting not to overwhelm high-turnover users - all at a well-positioned price point.

Leveraging research with 20 SMEs, and interviews with dealership customers, we designed the Instant Cash Offer Training Series, with three video-driven eLearning courses to reflect core components of the product.

The Results

We met the client’s needs at the trifecta of quality, speed and price developing and delivering the online training program in a brand new custom LMS that allows KBB to a) deliver content and track progress at scale and b) manage users and monitor performance via multi-tiered admin levels that reflect how the business is structured.

The success of the program has drawn high profile attention amongst other Cox Automotive Portfolio companies. Beyond seeing an immediate impact, exceeding expectations and being on track to meet all original goals additional benefits and new opportunities have come to light for the ICO Team.