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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Food Labels
Ingredient labels FREE 00:45:00
Food labels exist to inform and guide us when making food choices. They show what each food contains, how fresh it is and how to prepare it. The labels are also there to help you eat more healthily.
Nutrition labels FREE 00:30:00
As well as ingredients labels there’s also nutrition labels to be familiar with. These are viewed in terms of macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).
Section 2: Food Marketing
Why food marketing exists 00:05:00
Food marketing is big business
Food health claims 00:25:00
So many food products now carry claims on the packaging that are designed to make the product seem healthier.
Section 3: Gentle Family Detox
What do we mean by detox? 00:10:00
Although our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of our normal human processes we sometimes need to give our body a little helping hand.
Foods to focus on and foods to eliminate 00:30:00
A word about ‘fat’ 00:20:00
There are fats we actually need in our diet and fats we certainly don’t
Section 4: Encouraging Children to Eat More Fruit and Veg
How to ‘sell’ the concept of more fruit and vegetables? 00:30:00
It’s all very well telling children that they need to eat a healthy diet but why should they if they can see no benefit in doing so?
Fruit and veg in packed lunches 00:30:00
Why are British lunchboxes so nutritionally poor?
Make fruit and vegetables fun 00:20:00
Getting children involved in shopping, growing, cooking and tasting games are great ways to encourage them to try new or previously rejected foods.
Section 5: Let's Talk About Breakfast
Sugar at breakfast 00:15:00
A healthy breakfast really does set you and your family up for the day.
Ideal breakfast foods 00:45:00
So the ideal breakfasts are those that provide sustained energy i.e. fibre and protein.
Section 6: Lunchbox Challenges
Nut Free Schools 00:20:00
According to studies on the health and nutrient content of lunchboxes, we are not doing very well at all. The variety of foods is limited and the number of lunchboxes that contain anything approaching the required nutrient balance for a school meal from a canteen is very low indeed.
Creating nutritionally balanced lunches 00:20:00
It is difficult producing nutritionally balanced lunchboxes. Firstly we may not know enough about what foods contain what nutrients. Secondly we may not be sure about portion sizes.
What’s the problem with sugar? 00:20:00
It seems that modern, western society can no longer live without refined sugar. We’ve developed a real taste for the stuff.
A gentle reintroduction to sugar 00:30:00
There are however steps we can take to reduce the sugar consumption in our children’s diets without removing it altogether which some might argue is unrealistic in this day and age.
End of Course Assessment
Quiz assessment 01:00:00
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