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Everyone should be able to understand the role and sources of nutrients required for a balanced diet to maintain good health.

The Healthy eating and well-being course is a fully accredited Level 3 programme that is certified by the world renowned Association for Nutrition (AfN).

Everyone should be able to understand the role and sources of nutrients required for a balanced diet to maintain good health to help with current health and to guard for future health.

The Healthy eating and well-being course is a fully accredited Level 3 programme that is certified by the world renowned Association for Nutrition (AfN).

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The Healthy Eating and Well-being AfN certified course is the only course on the market that combines the most innovative technology and learning methods to deliver a well presented course that is truly rewarding. It is packed with information that is clear, authoritative and practical.

The course lays down fundamentals of nutrition science which will help you build a comprehensive understanding of what nutrients are, their roles sources and functions; how nutrients are affected by storage and preparation methods; human metabolism; and what constituents the basics of a balanced diet.

The course provides an understanding of how nutritional imbalances can affect health and wellbeing; how other factors, including social and religious affect diet and choice; weight control diets and their effects on health and what constitutes general and further advice for health and well-being.

Watch the video below for frequently asked questions about the course (Doc Attached):


The course has been built with an easy and interactive user interface which can be used on mobile, tablet and PC/ Mac environments.

The course material is organised into logical and manageable components with clear and concise use of language. The course website has a user forum, technical support and access to the tutor of the course.

This course is appropriate for those looking for further knowledge and answers to questions, or seeking to work in the nutrition field. The course is geared at giving you the learner solid knowledge of nutrition and the confidence to apply this knowledge to aspects of your own health and wellbeing, and provide practical advice to others in a variety of settings.

This qualification is suitable for those looking to further their study in the field, or work in health promotion and advice.

This may be in educational settings such as schools, employment situations, and commercial settings such as fitness centres and health shops.

Please contact us for further information and advice: info@thelearning.academy

There are several learning objectives that we expect our learners to meet:

1.1 Explain the function of protein, fat/lipids, carbohydrates, roughage/fibre, water, vitamins and minerals in the diet and identify examples of common food sources

1.2 Describe how nutrients may be affected by:

a) the cooking process
b) refining food
c) environmental pollutants

1.3. Explain metabolism, BMR (Basal metabolic rate) and units of energy

1.4. Explain the importance and benefits of eating regularly

1.5. Describe the basic rules/guidelines of food labelling

1.6. Explain what constitutes a balanced diet

1.7 Explain nutritional imbalances and health and well-being, in relation to:

a) common anti-nutrients
b) common ailments
c) conditions directly affected by nutritional imbalances
d) disorders and diseases of the digestive system

1.8 Describe other dietary habits and factors including personal, social, religious and ethical considerations.

1.9 Describe the principles of weight loss diets including nutritional elements.

2.0 Understand the basis of general and further advice for health and well-being.

Upon completion of the course you will be empowered with a detailed knowledge of nutrition in relation to healthy eating and well-being.

To access the Bibliography/References for the content of this course, please click here.

Course Reviews


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  1. Really like it!

    I have done my fair share of online courses in this field and this is miles ahead. The other courses I have done feel a bit like a bunch of information wthout much structure.
    The interface is pretty slick and the navigation menu is really useful. I think these two elements helped me with working through the course and building knowledge.
    The final quiz is actually quite fun to do and I’m pleased to have passed first time around!

  2. Fantastic Course!

    Loads of information written at a level that was easy to understand. Made plenty of notes along the way that really helped me for the final quiz!

  3. Much more than I expected.

    The course presentation is excellent, as is the content. There is a great deal of information but the way the course is split into the relevant sections makes it easy to work through. I have learn’t so much about nutrition from this!

  4. Very interesting course

    Full of useful information. Nice design and its easy to make steady progress. Worth it.

  5. Well presented and informative

    This is an excellent course not only for those like myself who are in the field of nutrition, but for anyone who wants to equip themselves with some good sound knowledge of how they can make food work for them in a more positive way. Whether you want to lose weight or just eat healthy, it’s important to know how food interacts in the body and this course tells you all you need to know. The course is easy to navigate, clearly written and full of interesting facts so that we can all make the right choices and learn to enjoy food rather than fear it.

  6. Great Value

    Very informative and thorough. Interface is slick and easy to get through. Enjoyed it!

  7. Excellent value

    I wanted to get a grounding in the area and this course has given me this: lots of interesting points and info.
    The nutrients section is great, its almost worth the fee alone
    I found the course very stimulating, especially the unit on genetic engineering of food. This has definitely opened my eyes on the subject.

  8. Highly recommended!

    Excellent course. Well worth the money. It has clearly been designed and written keeping the student in mind. I really liked the way the course was structured and how information was broken down. There was certainly a lot of information to take in especially considering it is a level 3 course. I am very happy with my result and my new found knowledge.

  9. Brilliant course - worth every penny

    I was looking for an AfN accredited course to help me to get into University to do my Masters degree in Nutrition and I came across this course. I’m glad I did as it got me into University and was worth the money. It is very informative and spilt into sections which are easy to read through and make notes etc. All of the information is relevant and has really boosted my knowledge in the Nutrition sector. The quiz at the end was a bit tricky but as long as you’ve revised the course in full, you will pass it! Thank you very much to Khalid for creating a brilliant course.

  10. Healthy eating and well-being

    This is a very well written course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to take a first step in the field of nutrition with a view to progressing on to further study or just for personal interest.

  • £295.00
  • 60 Days
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