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The Fundamentals of Nutrition course is a superlative course on the market that combines the most innovative technology and learning methods to deliver a well presented course that is truly rewarding. It is packed with information that is clear, authoritative and practical.

The course lays down the fundamentals of nutrition science which will help you build a comprehensive understanding of what nutrients are and their roles sources and functions.


The single most important aspect of nutrition is without doubt is the digestive system.


The course provides an in-depth description of this in relation to analysis of the various primary macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates and fibre).

There is a breakdown of various micronutrients (including Vitamin C, the B vitamins and minerals), in terms of their role/ function, deficiency signs, sources, RNI (reference nutrient intake).

The Fundamentals of Nutrition also provides a basis of what constitutes the basics of a balanced diet, including other considerations for a healthy diet, and important debates/controversies surrounding diet & health.

There are two learning objectives that we expect our learners to meet:

  • Explain the function of protein, fat/lipids, carbohydrates, roughage/fibre, water, vitamins and minerals in the diet and identify examples of common food sources
  • Explain what constitutes a balanced diet

Upon completion of the course you will be empowered with a solid knowledge of nutrition in relation to health and the fundamentals of achieving a balanced diet.

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  1. Profile photo of Akber Ali

    Good course

    Good course material. Great value for money.

  2. Profile photo of Pam Sears

    Very interesting course

    Full of useful information. Nice design good and its easy to make steady progress. Worth it.

  3. Profile photo of Helen Ditchburn

    Enjoyed it!

    Lots of useful and interesting information. I really enjoyed it!

  4. Profile photo of Jon Goodey

    Excellent course!

    This course is well laid out and has a lot of content, it is very interesting and easy to follow, I would recommend this for anyone who is looking to understand nutrition.

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